DirectorRobbie Dinglasan

Robbie Dinglasan has never lived in one place for very long.

Born of an expat family he has lived and grown up in 3 different cities in the Philippines and 6 different countries.  Transplanted in various cultures and cities on a regular basis, meeting and maintaining friendships with different nationalities he has come to collect a gamut of stories.

And he likes to tell his stories.  He has a way with words and knows how to put them together to make the stories more interesting, admittedly taking creative licenses often to make the stories better than they really are.  To which someone said makes him perfect for advertising.

Fast forward to an inherited Super 8 film camera, a borrowed Betamax Camera (with separate shoulder mounted recorder) and an odd fascination for 80's movies the love of film began.

Flash forward through ad agency boot camp training, his love for storytelling made him jump ship and start directing the commercials he was writing and illustrating.

And then he moved again living in different Asian cities directing regional and cross-cultural projects.

And now he's back home and excited about all the exciting new opportunities to be a part of a bigger creative and production change in the country..

Robbie Dinglasan's mind has never lived in one place for very long.